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ASC Pty Ltd Board Reappointments

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The Australian Government is pleased to reappoint Mr Bruce Carter as Chair and Mr Stuart Whiley as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of ASC Pty Ltd (ASC), both for two-year terms from January 2024.

ASC plays a critical role in maintaining and enhancing Australia’s sovereign submarine capability. ASC is the platform system integrator and sustainer for the Collins class submarine fleet and is delivering life of type extension.

Mr Whiley was first appointed as CEO in 2014 and was appointed as the Managing Director in 2018. Mr Whiley has over 40 years of shipbuilding and submarine industry expertise. As CEO and Managing Director he has successfully led the company through the continued delivery of Collins class sustainment, achieving benchmark performance and availability for the Royal Australian Navy over many years. Mr Whiley’s expertise and commitment has been invaluable to support an enduring, potent and agile submarine capability in Australia.

Mr Carter was first appointed as a Non-executive Director of ASC in 2010 and has been Chair of the ASC Board since 2012. Mr Carter’s experience with the company makes him uniquely qualified to oversee and guide ASC as a key industrial partner in the submarine enterprise. His tenure as Chair has included implementing the Coles Review, delivery of Air Warfare Destroyer program and a major restructuring of the company in 2018.

Minister for Finance, Senator Katy Gallagher, said the Government recognises the importance of the ASC Board having strong leadership, experience and capability to effectively and responsibly manage the company’s operations and future responsibilities.

“The Government congratulates Mr Carter and Mr Whiley on their respective reappointments and looks forward to continuing to work with ASC.”

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